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Style: Audi RS2 Avant – Winter beauty ?>

Style: Audi RS2 Avant – Winter beauty

Style: Christoffer´s Audi RS2 Avant on Norwegian winter roads. A perfect combination.   Let´s begin with a brief history about the Audi RS2 Avant. It was based on Audi 80´s faster version, the Audi S2 Avant. The basis car was sent to Porsche´s facility in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart. There it would get the right modifications so it could become a super estate car. Porsche added new bumpers, side mirrors from the 911, stiffer suspension, new brakes, and Porsche Cup wheels. The five cylinder 2.2 liter…

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Style: Audi S4 Sedan – Sexy concave ?>

Style: Audi S4 Sedan – Sexy concave

OEM-style combined with concave wheels and the right hight.   My friend Tore has been passionate about cars since he was born in 1987.  But not only is he passionate, he is also very good at combining rare and peculiar wheels with the perfect hight of a car. The cars he buy are always in mint condition, and when he is finished with them, they are almost like new. That is why I always love to take photos of his…

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