Style: Audi S4 Sedan – Sexy concave ?>

Style: Audi S4 Sedan – Sexy concave

OEM-style combined with concave wheels and the right hight.


My friend Tore has been passionate about cars since he was born in 1987.  But not only is he passionate, he is also very good at combining rare and peculiar wheels with the perfect hight of a car. The cars he buy are always in mint condition, and when he is finished with them, they are almost like new. That is why I always love to take photos of his cars, and also as a bonus he is a cool guy.

The car in this article is a 2001 Audi S4 B5 sedan facelift. The B5 is the successor of the legendary Audi S2 as the Audi A4 is the successor of the Audi 80. The Audi S4 B5 came out in 1997 and was a relative modern car until production ended in 2001. It was fitted with a 2.7 liter biturbo V6 engine which produced 265 hp. The car weight 1 600 kg and had quattro all wheel drive. You could also choose between a six-speed manual and a five-speed tiptronic gearbox. This car luckily has the six-speed manual.

When Tore bought the car it had only done 110 000 km. Everything was original except a chip and new exhaust pipes. The car had also documentation from Audi where the mileage was confirmed. Briefly explained it was in a really good condition.

The color combination is also special. The exterior color has a standard grey tone which you can find on any regular Audi A4. But inside there are white leather seats, and the combination of interior and exterior is fantastic. Further down the page there are pictures of the interior so you can see what I mean.

This photo shoot is now three years old, but the car looked so great that it had to have an article. Three years ago concave wheels were getting popular, and the 3SDM 0.05 were completely new. If I say Tore was one of the first people in Norway with those wheels I don´t think I am wrong. He bought the rims in size 9.5 x 18, and with the Supersprint Black Evolution coilovers on one of its lower settings, the fitment was perfect.

Although the car was low, it was still easy to drive it over bumpy roads. It nearly did not scratch, but to get the wheels in front to fit Tore had to roll out the arches. Other then that it was the perfect daily driver.

Audi S4

Tore sold this car two years ago and he still keeps telling me he misses it.
It´s not easy to find an original Audi S4 in the condition this one was. Hopefully the new owner is looking after this car and maybe one day we will see it again here on AUTO Library.

Audi S4

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